BF Athletes

Introducing the Crew

BentFish Sponsored Underwater Athletes are now active all over the world

Alvaro (Wini) de egaña

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Age: 23.

Attended 5 European champs and two worlds. Is one of the best up and coming defenders in europe. He uses a BFD glove and Carve 265’s.

MISSION #1 COMPLETE –  youtube

Matthew Oliver

Location; U.K, London.

Age; 26.

Has attended a plethora of tournaments around europe including a spattering of europeans and worlds. Plays as a winger/half back. Has used the slovinian “euro” glove and dorsal sticks for ages but has just upgraded to a polychrome and Carves.

 Melanie Johnson

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

Age: unconfirmed.

Has played in World champs from 1996 to 2008 as well as a southen Hemispheres and S.A. Interclubs. Mel is a compact and dynamic goalie/centre back.  Her weapons of choice are carve 279’s at tournaments, stingrays at home and a S.A. Glove.


Zolt Szoke

Location: Pecs, Hungary.

Regularly plays in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and has attended 2 World Champs. Is a defender and uses a homemade glove and Stingray sticks.


David (torto) Teiga

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Age:    27

Attended too many tournaments around Europe to list and has attended a few worlds and Euros as captain, coach and player. He is a Left handed defender who uses a polychrome and Carves (and also has Tippas in his armoury).

Pete Weavind

Location: The BentFish monkey can be found in the pit under our stairs in Kenton, UK.

Age: early 20’s

Is a forward and makes his own kit in the BFWorkshop; He is working with us on making a new glove system and Carves up the pool with 252 Rs in prototype hard squidgyness.

Romain Alderweireldt and Niels Balens

This Belgian duo work together to test and review our equipment.

Romain – Location: Brussels, Belgium. Age Early 30’s. Romain has played in a world champs and a few Euros as a goalie/ centre back. and uses the first carve 279 R model and 265 R’s lately, photo unavailable for anonimity.

Niels – picture on the left – Orca, Belgium. Niels is a centre or winger and uses Carve 279 R’s to pull of massive flicks like this: youtube



Liam Watson

the leelum goblin from Auckland, N.Z, is spending some time in the U.K, and is helping us develop some new products. Age:103, this wizened little troll is the most respected back in the world, a pioneer of new equipment and game plays.

Joost Boerboom

Location Hemstede, The Netherlands. Age: 23, Joost plays in the Dutch First Class competition as a Back and Forward using an Aegis, Dorsal Elite for training and Carve 279’s Medium for comps.


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