BentFish Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all the sticks come as a pair (one black one white)?
A. Yes

Q. How long does a pair of sticks last?

A. Depending on how often you play a week and on the surface you play. For example if you play 3 hours a week on a tiled bottom pool the standard sticks will begin to loose texture after a year and are likely to need replacing after approx. 2 years. 

The Carve sticks wear in a very different way. To begin with very small chunks of the grippy stuff will be chipped off along the key wear zones that are unique to each player – once the harder core is exposed this “chipping” will cease. The grippyness will not loose its texture, instead, very very slowly the grippyness increases. 

Q. Why are my white carves dis-colouring and/or going creamy? Does this affect their strength?

A. The squidgy elastomer suffers from U.V. damage which is accelerated when in contact with chlorine. So to reduce this keep them in the dark and free of chlorine when you can. There is no loss of strength

The BentFishCrew chemist has reduced the level of dis-colouring by using a range of pigments and dyes and is always keeping watch on plastics research for new and improved materials and techniques for the elves.  

In the interim, if you run into a hairy backed Arbitre (french referee) , the sticks will accept a light coat of spray paint without trouble and without affecting their performance.

Q. How long do the gloves last?

A. This is depends on how often you play and on what surface. For approx. 3 hours per week on a smooth tiled bottom an Aegis will last 6 to 9 months and a PolyChrome approx 2 years. 

Q. Do the BentFishCrew do glove repairs?

A. On a case by case basis. You will need to pay for the postage and send a photo to the Armoury of the repair required. Then the Crew will get back to you with a quote (usually around £5). 

Q. If my Stick breaks will you replace it?

A. If you break a stick playing Underwater Hockey within 3 months of purchase the BentFishCrew will replace it. If you break your stick within 6 months of purchase we will consider replacing the stick. All replacement claims will require a photo of the break for our files. 

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